Build Lasting Relationships & Convert Sales

Sales enablement is crucial to your organisation as it increases profitability from your customers by maximising the benefits they receive from the activities of your sales force.

Product knowledge, using the sales systems correctly and efficiently, customer service and effective sales management wins customer support and trust which turn into more and larger value sales.

We help you establish the mechanisms for your Company's daily, monthly and yearly sales processes. Your sales tactics and activities will entice customers and clients to purchase goods and services. Information systems, sales leads and your sales team will work together to persuade your prospects to buy your services and products.

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Strong sales management program with planning for and control of a successful team.

  • Lead & Mentor Your Team
  • Set Clearly Defined Goals
  • Develop An Effective Sales Program
  • Implement The Sales Program
  • Analyse & Evaluate Results
  • Plan and Budget

Strong sales management program with planning for and control of a successful team.

  • Organise Activities
  • Analyse The Data
  • Store Important Information
  • Coordinate Campaigns
  • Centralised Control
  • Plan For Attack

Develop a successful outbound sales function that is committed to closing sales.

  • Establish Targets
  • Set A Fast Paced Culture
  • Positive & Competitive Environment
  • Reward Success
  • Respect & Nurture
  • Motivate & Inspire

80% of sales come from 20% of customers so manage your relationships with strategically important accounts.

  • Prioritise Most Profitable Customers
  • Gear Actions Towards Them
  • Access To Fast Delivery & Services
  • Regular Visits From Key Sponsors
  • Differentiate Their Offer
  • Right Staff For The Task

Have someone there for your team when they need to discuss ways of working or training on something sales & marketing specific.

  • Help & Advice
  • Support When Needed
  • Guide You Through The Job
  • Specific Skill Sets
  • Bounce Sales Ideas
  • Help Build The Sales

Find new sales opportunities or large tenders from industry specific data using relevant and targeted insight sources.

  • Cost Effective
  • Outsourced & Easy To Use
  • Up-to-date and Relevant
  • Targeted Opportunities
  • Monitor Key Projects
  • Decision Maker Intelligence