Decisions, Direction & Advantage

It is challenging to determine what strategies and tactics you should adopt to compete effectively and grow your market position.

We help you develop the best strategies and tactics that fit with your business. We set objectives to leverage sales through executing aggressive campaigns and marketing activities. We establish the tactics to communicate how well your offering fills the needs and wants of your target.

By eliminating anecdotal guesswork, scheduling regular reports and analysing the data will allow you to get answers and make decisions fast.

Evaluation of past and current sales and marketing activities to be more efficient, find areas of improvement, understand what things aren’t working, identify sales opportunities and plan for future performance.

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Develop the best strategies and tactics that fit with your business to compete effectively and grow your market position.

  • Target Marketing
  • Core Strategy
  • Market Segmentation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention

Actively plan and strategically execute aggressive campaigns to build sustainable sales and profits for your business.

  • Sales Planning
  • Marketing Forecasts
  • Best Practices & Procedures
  • Branding Objectives
  • New Products Launches
  • Budget Management

By eliminating anecdotal guesswork, regular reports and analysing data finds answers and allows fast decisions.

  • Campaign Specific Analysis
  • Sales Opportunity Pipelines
  • ROI Reports & Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

Assume a market position that differentiates your product or services from everyone else resulting in an increase in sales.

  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Profiling
  • Market Characteristics
  • Market Lifecycle
  • Positioning Map
  • Mindshare Goal Setting

Pricing strategy is an essential part of your marketing mix and should run in line with your marketing objectives.

  • Price Competitive In A Saturated Market
  • Penetration Pricing To Gain Market Share
  • Profit Maximisation With A New Product
  • Aggressive Pricing To Attack Competition
  • Premium Pricing For Premium Products
  • Bundle Pricing For Upselling

Plan an operational campaign that promotes effectively, maximises resources, communicates message and achieves sales.

  • Define Objectives
  • Creative Ideas & Themes
  • Promotional Activities
  • Target Market & Lists
  • Timeframes & Calendar
  • Assign Budget & Resources