Retain Your Customers

Retaining your customers should be a strategic priority as a few often account for the majority of your sales.

If you don't retain them someone else will take them from you. As you may already know, keeping a customer is far easier than finding a new one.

I can help you define a customer retention strategy and action plan. We can then manage, review and control the process on an ongoing basis.

  • Set Retention Goals
  • Establish Time Frames
  • Outline Retention Activities
  • Analysis Against Competition
  • Set Customer Service Expectations
  • Sales Fulfillment Process
  • Key Account Management Plan

If you are would like more information then please give me a call or book a callback.

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Identify your key customers, their attitude to the long term and a plan to retain them in the long term.

Customer Retention

Make your customers & key accounts more profitable and strengthen relationships.

  • Understand Your Customer
  • Close Sales
  • Plan Together For The Future
  • Customer Buy-In
  • Strengthen Your Relationship
  • Ward Off Competition
  • Identify & Fix Any Issues
  • Pay Bills On Time
  • Develop New Lines
Mich Hazelwood
Hull City Council

Scott provides great help in devising, implementing and carrying out Marketing plans campaigns. I have worked with him for 10 years with exceptional results. He is a trustworthy professional that I would happily recommend to any local ambitious business.

Why Is It Important?

With a wealth of experience from short term one-off projects to longer term campaigns.

  • Maintain Existing Relationship
  • Identify Business Opportunities
  • Fulfil Their Needs
  • Identify Problems
  • Stop Clients Going Elsewhere
  • Deal With Client Requests
  • Ensure On Time Payments
  • Prepare For Future Plans
  • Persuade Customers For Business